Service and Repair

It's not great when one of your electrical items goes wrong, but here at Daniels TV, we like to lend a hand.

We have our own in house service team who can repair your product no matter where you purchased it. Please read on to find out what we can repair, how to book in a repair, how long it takes, the costs and the area we cover for collection return and service.

What we can Repair:

Televisions, Surround sound (all types)

Hifi, Speakers, Sound Systems

Blu-Ray, DVD, HDD Recorders / Players


Booking In Procedure for Repairs:  We have an estimation service, for this we charge £50 refundable against the repair or purchase of an equivalent product. You will be advised on any additional cost of the repair before we go ahead so you can give your consent. If you would like your product collected and returned this incurs an addition £35 charge.

Service Call Procedure (local only): We can make a service call to your house If you think you have an issue such as tuning, connecting your product to broadband or you would like a lesson on how to use your product please phone us to arrange an AM/PM house call on a day suitable for you. The first call for a new product purchased from us is free of charge, further calls incur a £50 service call charge if the product is found not to be faulty.

How long does a repair take: We normally assess your product within a week of it being booked in, often much quicker. However if parts are required to repair your product in rare circumstances these can take 2 weeks or more to arrive. We will advise you as best we can on how long a part will take to arrive before placing the order for it. If you wish to get an update on your product at any time feel free to phone.

Warranty Repairs: If you have purchased a product from us that has gone wrong within the warranty period and you live in our service area please phone on: 01453 822137 or email using the contact page on this website. If you live outside our service area, please contact the manufacturer of your product who will put you through to your local repair agent.

Out of Warranty Repairs: If your product is out of warranty, please phone on: 01453 822137, email using the contact us page or simply bring your item to the showroom to book in a repair.

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