HDR 4K High Dynamic Range

HDR 4K High Dynamic Range

Pro-grade Cinema Displays for the Ultimate Movie Experience

Our new Professional Cinema Displays recreate the experience of being at the cinema better than any other TV. Featuring Panasonic's unique new ‘Honeycomb’ local dimming system for the deepest blacks possible on an LED TV. Cinema Displays combine a wide cinema-esque colour palette and stunningly bright highlights for a true High Dynamic Range (HDR) experience.

4K Pro Studio Master UHD

Top of the Range Picture Performance True to the Director's Vision

Panasonic's high-end 4K Pro televisions are designed to deliver picture quality accurate to the filmmaker's original vision. They combine Panasonic's cutting-edge Studio Master HCX processors with professional quality colour management technology and wide colour range displays to capture every nuance of the original film.

The Studio Pro model is on Display at Daniels TV, Please call in for a demonstration.

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Panasonic 49" TX-49FX650B
£599.00 £549.00
Panasonic 49" TX-49FX700B
£699.00 £599.00
Panasonic 49" TX-49FX750B
£949.00 £899.00
Panasonic 55" TX-55FX650B
£749.00 £649.00
Panasonic 55" TX-55FX700B
£729.00 £699.00
Panasonic 55" TX-55FZ802B
£1,799.00 £1,499.00
Panasonic 55" TX-55FZ952B
£1,999.00 £1,699.00
Panasonic 65" TX-65FX750B
£1,699.00 £1,599.00
Panasonic 65" TX-65FZ802B
£2,799.00 £2,099.00
Panasonic 65" TX-65FZ952B
£3,159.00 £2,759.00
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